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2/10/2010 – Getting Agile with Scrum / An Introduction To Agile Estimating And Planning

February 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Our February Meeting will be on 2/10/2010 at the TIV 320 AB – Baerresen Ballroom and will feature Mike Cohn for both talks.
I’ve added PDFs of both presentations below.
You can reach Mike Cohn at

The address for the Tivoli Building is: 900 Auraria Parkway Denver, CO 80204-1852


5:30-6:00 PM Refreshments and Networking
6:00-7:00 PM Getting Agile with Scrum
7:00-7:05 PM Short break
7:05-7:15 PM Announcements
7:15-8:45 PM An Introduction To Agile Estimating And Planning
     8:45 PM Door prize raffle

First Session/Basic Concepts

Getting Agile with Scrum

Scrum is one of the leading agile software development approaches. Over 70,000 people have become Certified ScrumMasters, attesting to the popularity of Scrum. Since its origin on Japanese new product development projects in the 1980s, Scrum has become recognized as one of the best project management frameworks for handling rapidly changing or evolving projects. Especially useful on projects with lots of technology or requirements uncertainty, Scrum is a proven, scalable agile process for managing software projects. This session will provide a quick introduction to Scrum, providing you with enough information to decide if Scrum could work for you and your projects.

Here is a link to the talk slide-deck:

Main/Featured talk

An Introduction To Agile Estimating And Planning

Planning is important, even for agile projects. Too many teams view planning as something to be avoided and too many organizations view plans as something to hold against their development teams. In this session you will learn how to break that cycle by learning and practicing skills that will help create useful plans that lead to reliable decision-making. You will learn about story points, ideal days, and how to estimate with “Planning Poker.” Both short-term iteration and long-term release planning will be covered. This session will be equally suited for managers, programmers, testers, or anyone involved in estimating or planning a project.

Here is a link to the talk slide-deck:

About Mike Cohn

Mike Cohn is the founder of Mountain Goat Software (, where he teaches and coaches on Scrum and agile development. He is the author of Agile Estimating and Planning, User Stories Applied for Agile Software Development, and the newly published Succeeding with Agile: Software Development with Scrum. With more than 25 years of experience, Mike has previously been a technology executive in companies of various sizes, from startup to Fortune 40. A frequent magazine contributor and conference speaker, Mike is a founding member of the Scrum Alliance and the Agile Alliance. He can be reached through